Reflection can change the trajectory of your life by what it reveals to your heart.

December 13, 2017 aboveadversity 0 Comments

Reflection is so important because it teaches you so much about yourself. Today I reflected on my past and I became very upset with myself! Why had I dumbed myself down around others my whole life? I sat there trying to figure out if it was out of not wanting to hurt another’s feelings. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. What I realized was that it was out of acceptance. Yup, acceptance can you believe that? Well, it’s true!

I wanted to be accepted by those in my environment. I wanted them to feel equal with me. I wanted to not outshine another and be my true self. All I wanted was to be accepted by them. But why? Why did I care so much about acceptance? Since when did others do that for me? They didn’t, that’s the thing. Not to brag but I wasn’t surrounding myself with those who would challenge me. I surrounded by average. They had no hopes,no aspirations, no dreams, no future planned out. Yet I was seeking their approval.

That’s what I’m trying to help you understand so that you don’t do what I did. You see we can’t deny who we are just to please another. We cannot dim our internal fire so that others do not get scorched on the journey. Sometimes life calls for collateral damage so that a plan or a purpose can take place the way it was meant too.

You have to be confident in knowing that those who love you for who you are will want you to propel forward. Those who want to hold you back will become negative and frustrated with your growth. They will not understand where you are coming from anymore as if almost to the point that it feels like you are both speaking different languages. I believe this is fate stepping in to stop you from making a mistake and going down a wrong path on your life’s journey. This is not to say that their time won’t come. I’m sure everyone has an “ah ha” moment. However yours is now, and when yours sounds you’ve got to pay attention to it!

Accept that things will never be the same with others once you become comfortable with who you are. Your life as you knew it before will and is going to change. At first, it may seem as if it’s changing for the worse, as you work through the loneliness feeling of losing those who couldn’t come with you on your journey. It’s okay to feel this way, but also remember to take into account that storms don’t last forever and the better days are right ahead of you. Embrace the change because that means you’re finally on the right path!

Like they say…Tell me who you surround yourself with and I’ll tell you where you’re going…Do you know where you’re going? Maybe it’s time to look in the mirror, reflect, and then look at who’s around you. What do you see, your future or your past?

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