It’s a Dog eat Dog world out there!

November 27, 2017 aboveadversity 0 Comments

I took this handsome fella you see above to a Suicide Prevention Walk in San Diego,CA recently. I was amazed at the overwhelming response he got and the out pour of support at the event. From dogs to snakes, animals were there to show what a crucial role they play in helping depressed individuals feel better. I know from personal experience having our dogs has dramatically increased the pleasure in day to day life. They provide a sense of calm and reassurance to humans that they are loved no matter what!

So my big boy here was ready and willing to make someones day by letting them pet him, scratch his ear or even get a few licks on their faces from him. It warmed my heart to see how just a few minutes with my dog could make someone light up. I met a woman there who couldn’t have bog dogs at her apartment complex so getting to spend time with him brought her a sense of happiness she hadn’t experienced in a long time. It really put things in perspective for me the major difference between animals and humans.

You see animals are willing to love on us and be loved on without reservation. Yet us humans are so cautious about who we even smile at or say hello to anymore. When did we all have to be so guarded? Is this why society has seen an influx in suicide attempts? Is there a correlation between the lack of empathy in society and the rise in depression? Could these two be related, and if so how do we combat a problem/phobia that seems to be so engrained in human emotion now?

I’m thankful to have my animals when I feel alone and lost. I only wish that they were a possibility for everyone to have to ease their pain and hurt. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all acted like dogs and loved unconditionally?……

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