Let Go…Let Go…Let it Go…

August 6, 2017 aboveadversity 0 Comments


When I hear the term “Let it go” I can’t help but ask myself what sense is the person speaking of? See there are so many different ways to “let go” of something or someone.

First, you can let go of what someone did to you. Now this may also be called forgiving them or not holding a grudge. This si by far one of the hardest kinds of letting go to do because this type of letting go enables them to still be a part of your life. Which is not easy for most to accommodate another and actually do.

Secondly, You can let go of feelings you had towards someone and remain friends and cordial with each other. We see this often times after a break up or even possibly a divorce. You still respect and care for the other person as an individual and human being, but you no longer hold an intimate connection with them. This is also a very hard thing to do after spending intimate time together as well and a significant amount of time together but it is achievable.

Lastly, we have letting go of a person or persons all together. This si the most I find have a problem with as it pertains to blood relatives or long time friends. The guilt factor plays a huge role in how many process completely letting go of an individual. I have always based this on their toxicity to my well-being or the well being of my family. Although this is the most drastic method of letting go it can be the most freeing and rewarding. It releases you from all expectations pertaining to that/those individuals and you are able to live your life in harmony.

When faced with the choice to “let go” review all your options and understand that there are many ways of letting go. Make sure you pick the one you can best live with and always follow your hearts compass. If you find you are catering so much to others that you are not living out your life’s purpose or dreams you have maybe it’s time to cut the ties that bind you. Not every relationship is meant to stand the test of time. Some relationships and situations are merely here to teach us a lesson and then their time in our life is over. When  you find the method that best suits your situation, follow through with it and finally and whole heartedly Let it Go!

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