Forever is a decision..where does your loyalty lie?

August 24, 2017 aboveadversity 0 Comments

 When I was younger I thought that relationships were concrete and everlasting.  That my blood family would be my crew, my ride or dies, my forever. Then I grew up and, like many of you, life threw some major curve balls at me. One thing I learned from all those struggles was that nothing in this life is everlasting.  

I assumed love and our blood relation made us family and inseparable but it didn’t. Opportunity is what dictated our relationship and how it would unfold.  That is when I realized a relationship is not built on love but rather it’s built on loyalty. When I look at relationships now I look at our relation to each other.  Are we of value to one another and do we both equally have a stake in this relationship? Blood doesn’t solidify a true relationship, choice does.

Choice is the only thing that every person can decide for themselves. You can’t decide what family you’re born into but you can decide who you’ll die for, fight for and stand the test of time with. This is the foundation of loyalty, not love.  Love is a feeling, loyalty is a decision.

Some of us need to let go of some relationships to live the life we were put here to live. Some have already let them go and are living their life peacefully and abundantly. What weight do relationships hold for you?

Ask yourself  these two questions:

Can you live with letting go of the individual/s that you know aren’t good for you?

If you can’t let them go, can you live with the regret of not being strong enough to put your needs first?

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