What If?…

July 11, 2017 aboveadversity 0 Comments

I’ve always been a planner, I prepared for the what-ifs of life. So when my coach advised me recently to let go of the what-ifs, I did the exact oppisite. Seriously, tell me not to do something and it’s the first thing that I’ll do. Call it stubbornness or whatever you want but I couldn’t help myself. There I was running down every possible scenario of what-ifs I could think of. And you know what, after about a day and a half of living with the worst panic attacks and anxiety I have ever felt, I thought to myself  “Oh  now I get it!” Yup, all the energy I had was being wasted on the past. What-if I had done this differently? And the future what-if this happens? Man it was exhausting. I could finally see what my coach meant. I mean I had relived so much of my past with what-ifs and the what-ifs of my future that I was having nightmares. These dreams about a fictional world of what-ifs consumed my nights. Wow, another eye opening experience leaped out and slapped me in the face. 

Here I was wasting away my present life with a bunch of unnecessary mock situations, assumptions, and regrets. When the doctors say stress kills, I think this is what they are referring to. All of us making ourselves sick over what shoulda, coulda, and woulda been instead of being grateful to be here today. Instead of looking at our now, at this moment, and being present in it. 

It’s funny, you know I go through rigorous testing on my heart and other organs of my body to make sure I’m healthy and getting better all the time. Yet, for so long I’ve neglected to recondition my mind and build-up that muscle. Sure I’ve started to read more, research and gain more knowledge. That isn’t the problem though the problem was letting go of all the dead weight and triggers of a past life lived that was taking up storage space in my brain. That’s space I needed for now, to fill with new memories and new ideas.

Do you suffer with the what-ifs like I did? Do you constantly worry about what could have been or what should have been? If you do the only advice I can give you is to let it go. You are doing your body more damage than you are good.

What was, was. What will be, will be. What is now, is your choice!

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