This ain’t no free for all!

July 17, 2017 aboveadversity 0 Comments

Jail Cell

I catch myself arguing with a 15 and 20 year old as if to say my judgement has flaws. What in the world?

This would not be happening if their dad was here. Oh No Sir! It would be nothing but yes ma’am and no ma’am and yes sir and no sirs up in here. Now it’s Why? Do I have to? In a while? Give me a second. I’m busy. Ughh I don’t want to! And every other excuse you can think of. YUP this has become the norm since dad shipped out. All of a sudden my daughter took up theater and acts like a drama queen and my son took up debate!

Nope not in this house. Eighteen years in and this is where I draw the line. I tore off the nice mom makeup and put on the warden mask. Yes Ma’am it finally came to that. They want to act like they live in a prison well then a prison sentence is what they will  get. Lights out at 10, no friends over, chores done daily, and yes they accompany momma everywhere. Sounds like punishment? Good. It is when they lose their little heads and think they can run a muck without daddy here. Even as old as they are I still have to tighten the reins and round them up.

This is military life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, although I do think of running away every now and then ( don’t worry I would return after a mojito and a book beach side) lol On a serious note though this is the life IF you know how to deal with the absent parent for half their childhood.

Here’s a tip to help with older and young ones while dad/mom is away. The more you involve them and the more responsibility you give them the more grateful they become and they start to realize that you aren’t their maid after all. lol Really just be happy that the chore gets done at all and you’ll see you’ll be called the cool mom again before you know it.

Of course dad will come back and disrupt it all up again. Haha story of our lives, but at least next time you’ll have this tool in your toolbox to use from the get go!

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