Silver Linings….

July 28, 2017 aboveadversity 0 Comments

Time is a Gift

There I was today sitting in the doctor’s office when it dawned on me I’m old! No really, I’m OLD! I went from being this young teen mom to this adult woman sitting here amongst all the other adult patients. Ugh, there I was sandwiched between an elderly couple and an irritated recently divorced woman. The couple was discussing their upcoming trip to visit their grandkids and the divorced woman was showing off her new Valentino purse to the receptionist. You know the latest purchase that she got with part of  “all she took him for”! Wow, I felt like I was sitting in an episode of the twilight zone ( Uh oh I just dated myself there.) Okay, in my defense my family watched reruns of old tv shows all the time.

I sat there looking around wondering to myself how I got here. Why was I having more medical problems? I mean is this all life has to offer? You get old, you get ill and you die? Seriously, these were the thoughts running through my head and then they called my name and I snapped to. “The doctor will see you now” the nurse said. It felt like I was walking the green mile into that back cold clinic room.

The doctor seeing me today was a tall lanky man with a serious disposition. Before today I can honestly say that I was lucky if he spent five minutes speaking with me before he exited to his next patient. That was the normal routine, but not today. Today he had this compassionate way about him. Almost as if to say this thirty something woman sitting before him needed his compassion and a lot of it. We talked for what felt like an hour ( it was really about 20 minutes). I got to see the human side of him, the father and husband side. After we were done he walked me out to the main lobby. As we parted ways he said to me ” It breaks my heart to see you young ones come in here. You know you have a good chance at fighting this. You are young and that is a huge plus. You can do this! All you need to do is make some adjustments and you can be healthy again.”

That conversation put everything into perspective for me. I walked out feeling better than when I had walked in. Yes I had been surrounded by elderly patients earlier  but I had on thing they didn’t. I had time on my side, time they don’t have anymore. I have time, yup the same thing  a few moments ago I was embarrassed about. Really, I felt stupid sitting there amongst all of them because I was younger than them. Now I realized it’s to my benefit that they caught this early. I have a chance to change my future while they are desperately trying to hold on to the few years they have left.  Moral of my story is this: Everything isn’t always as it appears, some hardships really do have silver linings!!

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