It’s over and done with!

July 2, 2017 aboveadversity 0 Comments

Earlier today I texted someone and I didn’t think much of it after that.  Well, that was until later, when the person made a comment geared towards my text.  Oh man did I feel stupid! It’s these kind of things that eat at me. Call it overreacting, or ocd, but whatever it is, it makes it so hard for me to let things go. You see immediately after their comment regarding my text I felt the NEED to explain myself.  So, I did what I think some of you would do,  and I talked it over with my best friend (my husband). His response was “oh well it’s done and over with,  just move on.” Ummm, I’m sorry “just move on”? Has he not been married to me for like forever?!?! 

Move On, two words perfectionists or anyone with my temperament would deem as fighting words. Although these particular ones had a nice ring to them. Move on, hmmm why hadn’t I ever did that before? Why hadn’t I “moved on” when a simple mistake or mishap occurred before? It’s because I’ve always wanted to be right. I’ve always wanted to have the last word, always. Don’t even get me started on how I reacted before if someone believed something about me that wasn’t true. Can you picture bloodshed and a lot of it? Really though  I’m a very serious person.  So when he said “it’s over and done with” I actually stopped dead in my tracks. Could it be that easy? Could letting something slide be as simple as leave it and forget about it?

You’ve gotta understand something about me, I have NEVER just let something be. Who am I? Who is this woman who told my husband “Okay baby” and put my fighting gloves down? I didn’t explain myself and I didn’t even ask the person if they really meant to use me as an example.  I simply left well enough alone, and you know what,  it feels amazing! I think I could get used to just moving on. Okay, okay maybe not on Everything. Hey, baby steps people, I’m still trying this thing out. Hahaha..

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