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June 30, 2017 aboveadversity 0 Comments

On social media we all have those friends who post pics of their kids birthday party, their latest vacation, and maybe even some new car pics. Not unusual things to see on our feeds, sure. However, what happens when others use it to keep tabs on you,  judge you, and question you? Yup, I’m talking about the common respect and privacy factor that seems to be lacking with social media. 

Most of you are probably nodding your heads thinking to yourself  ” Yah, I totally get what you are saying.” That’s great, I want you to understand, but before you think you have this whole thing in the bag,  think again. This is about Cyber Stress, yup you read that right.  Did you know that there is such a thing as being stressed from the internet.  This stress is from the keeping up with the Joneses, that need to answer the PING every time you get a message,  or the constant need to explain yourself. All these simple, yet tedious things cause stress that is detrimental to your health.

I mean c’mon, most of you can agree to being stressed by your work deadlines,  not getting back to a client in a timely manner,  and all your other daily activities. Well the same kind of stress can come from being fixated on Suzies latest and greatest vacation pics, or the fact that you accidentally clicked on a message you don’t have time to respond to and now you feel horrible that the person can see that you clicked on it. Yup, you just added a bunch of unnecessary stress to your everyday life.  This is “supposed ” to be your downtime. You know, the time you get to relax and just surf the web, isn’t it? Okay… well you go a few days wothout answering a message on Facebook,  and then tell me that you don’t get guilt messages. You know the ones…”Oh you had time to be on Facebook but no time to write me back?” BAM!! Right there they got you! Ugh.. the guilt trip but not just any guilt trip, the social media guilt trip, and they laid it on nice and thick.

 Why though? Why does it matter if you are on line? Back in the day we used to watch t.v. , or read a good book,  or play a board game and we weren’t bombarded with ping ping ping. “whatcha doings?”.  No Way! It was unheard of to disrespect another by questioning what they were doing in their own homes. So, why is it acceptable now to question another when they are online,  or write post statuses about them “not having time for you” because you are mad they were online? 

My point is this.. technology has given people access to each other 24/7. Now yes it has helped further us along and such which I’m not knocking. It has also caused fights, caused others to make assumptions on why someone isn’t responding back to a message and even split some couples up.  

It’s time to take back your right to be “Unavailable”. When that ping goes off don’t think you have to answer it right away.  If you’re in a moment enjoy that moment your in and get to that ping when you can. Get back to being in life and enjoying it. Try it this week…go unavailable a few times this week and take a little stress out of your life. You’ll be amazed by how much peace gets added back into it! 

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